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PRO Services Abu Dhabi UAE

Alwahda is the leader in providing “comprehensive contracts” service, which includes the outsourcing of “Public Relations Officer” service. This comprehensive contract service is characterized by providing consultations and practical solutions to overcome obstacles and facilitate formalities round the clock .

Alwahda offers its professional services in tracking and clearing documents in over fifty (50) Federal and local Governmental Ministries, Departments and Agencies, in addition to other semi-governmental institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We take pride in our team who enjoy extensive experience and relations, which ensures prompt processing and saves money, time and effort.

PRO Services Abu Dhabi

PRO services are offered by a Government Liaison Officer, also known as the Public Relations Officer (PRO). It is important for all the companies operating in Abu Dhabi to obtain the PRO services which cover all activities associated with the processing of governmental documents and managing paperwork like visa applications, company trade licensing documentation and approvals, and labour cards. Alwahda is one of the best providers of PRO services in Abu Dhabi, and we offer a wide range of PRO services that are reliable and cost-effective. By offering top PRO services in Abu Dhabi, we are adept at complying with all the legal regulations and requirements, even for start-ups and established businesses in the UAE.

PRO Services UAE

Registering and forming companies in the UAE requires going through various legal procedures with the Dubai Economy Development. To set up and manage the company formalities, PRO expert advice is vital. The PRO services will also help to speed up such formalities. Our expert group at Alwahda guides our clients in matters relating to business procedures, visa processing and other government-related activities, and offers superior PRO services in the UAE in a hassle-free manner. Our PRO service professionals are well-versed with all the government rules and procedures, and this will ensure effective PRO services to our clients, saving them time and effort.

Why Choose Alwahda?

The PRO services offered by Alwahda are undoubtedly the best PRO services in the UAE that help to make all business-related activities smooth and uncomplicated. The services offered by Alwahda will help you save your time, which would have otherwise been spent on government and legal body visits, standing in queues and waiting for document clearance. Our PRO service experts will help you with all your business-related requirements and formalities in the least possible time, and this will let you focus on more productive and value-added activities. Through timely updates on new and revised regulatory requirements, we ensure timely compliance with the legal requirements that will surely benefit you.

Our PRO services are transparent and hassle-free, and we will help you secure and manage all your documents safely and securely, thus protecting them from any fraudulent and unlawful use. By engaging with our well-experienced and expert PRO service providers at Alwahda, you can keep your overall business costs under control with respect to business formalities and other documentation procedures. The PRO services at Alwahda are indeed the top PRO services in the UAE and they come at a very competitive price. Our PRO services will send you timely reminders to ensure your mandatory compliance with legal requirements for VISA renewals and licenses, and this will help you save your money, time, and effort.

Alwahda offers superior PRO services in the UAE. We offer quick and efficient services as our team is adept and experienced in dealing with complex government processes. Our team can handle complex paperwork meticulously, thus providing you with flawless PRO services in the UAE which you can fully rely on.

Why do you need PRO services in Abu Dhabi?

It is mandatory for all businesses in Abu Dhabi to obtain the services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) for their visa and company related requirements. Alwahda offers these services efficiently and competitively to our clients based on their requirements. Some of the processes our expert team can assist you with are Company Setup, Trademark or Copyright Registration, Company Liquidation or De-Registration, Corporate Bank Account Opening, Partner or Investor Visa Processing, Visa Cancellation and Visa Renewal, Family Visa Sponsorship, Government Approvals & NOC’s from Government Ministries, Legal Translation Services, Legal Attestation of Corporate Documents, etc.

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