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Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

Mainland Company Formation in Ajman

Business setup in Ajman Mainland

If you are Planning forward to Mainland Company Formation in Ajman, then Alwahda is the right place to visit and get ajman mainland trade license. You can benefit from a world-class infrastructure and a comprehensive business supporting system in Ajman Mainland, along with many other benefits for business setup, including full ownership, wide taxation benefits, import and export duties exemption, and low-cost business setup.

There are 5 structures for a mainland company formation in Ajman, a limited liability company, a public shareholding company, a branch office, a representative office, and a professional firm, our team will help you to learn the differences between all forms and decide the most suitable one for your company.

Ajman Mainland Business Setup Licenses

How to start a business in Ajman?

License issuance differs according to the nature of your business, and whether for example, you perform trading activities, online services, manufacturing activities, service-oriented activities, or anything else.

License types for business setup in Ajman Mainland are:

  • Trading license
  • E-Commerce License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • National Industrial License
  • General Maintenance License

Documents Required for Company Formation in Ajman Mainland

If you choose to use the services from the experienced consultants in Alwahda, then we will take care of the whole registration process for you. All you have to do is provide the required documents to complete the registration process.

Here are the documents that are required:

  • Copies of the passports of all the owners of the business.
  • Copy of the proof of residence of the owner or owners.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association (we will help you draft one).
  • The bank reference letter.
  • Resume of the owner of the business.
  • Business plan if required.
  • The filled-up application for the company formation


If you are looking to get started in Ajman Mainland, then contact us today and get started with your new business immediately.

Advantage of Mainland Business Setup Ajman

There are countless advantages of business setup in Ajman Mainland. Alwahda consultants make the whole process of mainland company formation in Ajman very affordable and affordable for you so that you can avail these advantages easily.

Here are some of the most prominent reasons as to why you should choose the city of Ajman for your new startup:

  • Company formation rules and regulations are spectacular for a freedom-oriented business whose needs are diversified based on material and manufacturing.
  • Since there are easy lease options, the manufacturing industry prefers Ajman.
  • Ajman is a unique city with very little cost of renting the offices and commercial spaces.
  • LLC licenses are more affordable in Ajman than in the rest of the Emirates.
  • Two airports and four seaports are located near the city, so businesses that are dependent on efficient logistics can excel.
  • There are five company structures and four business licenses to choose from so new businesses have a lot of versatility.
  • Besides these benefits, businesses in different sectors and industries will receive specialized benefits for their specific sectors. For example, businesses that depend on the transportation system will benefit from the excellent road network in Ajman.

Structures of Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

There are five types of business or corporate entities you can form in Ajman Mainland. You should choose them carefully because it will affect the rules and regulations your business will have to abide by after formation. However, do not worry if they seem too intimidating. We will help you select the best company structure for your business.

Here are the five types of business structure that you can form in Ajman Mainland briefly explained:

1. Sole Establishment

Sole Establishment is for investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to be the only owner in their business. Foreigners cannot form a sole establishment in some of the business sectors that are strategically important to the government of the UAE. For example, foreigners cannot form a sole establishment in the oil and gas sector. A sole establishment does not have limited liability, which means you can get more loans, but it has some potential risks as well.

2. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Ajman Mainland allows the formation of Limited Liability Companies. In fact, Limited Liability Alwahda is more affordable here compared to the rest of the Emirates. When you form a Limited Liability Company, your liabilities are limited to the amount of capital you have invested in the business only. That means, if your business were to liquidate or go into bankruptcy, then your personal properties would be safe. The debts of the business will be limited to the capital invested in the business.

3. Public/Private Shareholding Company

If you are an entrepreneur with a solid business plan but you are in need of investment for your startup, then a public/private shareholding company is the best for you. The UAE is full of people who are looking to invest their money into something meaningful and comparatively risk-free. If you plan to lunch a public shareholding company, then you need to develop a business plan first that details all the important aspects of your business. If you have never been through this process before, do not be disheartened, we will walk you through it.

4. Professional Firm

Professional firms are for people who are looking to sell their services instead of products or commodities. Professional firms make it easier for service providers to legally sell or trade their services in Ajman Mainland. Service providers like lawyers, accountants, consultants, healthcare professionals, etc. can reap the benefits provided by professional firm company structure in Ajman Mainland. Professional firms can have a single owner, partners, or multiple owners.

5. Branch Office

If you already have a running business in some other country or even in the UAE, then you can open a branch office in Ajman Mainland. A branch office makes it easier to settle your entire brand here in Ajman easily. This means that you can streamline the process of registering your business in the UAE. It also helps with trademark registration for your brand name and logo. Unless there is already another business that has registered the trademark in the UAE beforehand, then you can easily get the trademark in the general journal of the UAE.